Dear Our Customer,

We believe that even with the quality we've already provided. It cannot fulfilled any of your illustration need. That is why we offers the complete custom design service for the customer that already buy all of our product, please note that we do not offer this custom service to the usual buyer.

We are proud bunch with our quality, we will dedicated in doing the job for you. Check out some of our design job in the past time:

Our Process:

  • 3-4 Sketch Alternative, Choose One That You Like!

  • We Then Provide You With The Outline and Flat Color

  • We Finish The Shading To Make Your Mascot Realistic

  • Some Little Revision Is Provided Free

  • Our outcome will like any of our product, you can create your own color in your custom mascot!

  • The Process Will Takes Around 2-3 Weeks Depending on The Order Queue

  • If You Have Any Other Question, Send Us Email


    Custom Mascot Design

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